Getting Kratos Binaries for Linux

This page covers the process of downloading a compiled version of Kratos for Linux and how to use it to run an example.

Minimum requirements

Ubuntu 14.04 or greater. Other flavors of Linux are supported but not tested.

Download and Installation

You can find the Kratos binaries for Linux in the Release Section:

  1. Download the tgz file for linux
  2. Extract the contents of the tgz in a location of your choice
  3. Recommended: Execute the script

This finalizes the installation process.




If you prefer to skip the installation part, or have multiple versions of kratos installed simultaneously:

  1. Copy this script and edit the contents of the KRATOS_ROOT variable:
KRATOS_ROOT=/path/to/kratos   # Please change this variable
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${KRATOS_ROOT}/libs:${KRATOS_ROOT}/OpenMPI/lib:/home/roigcarlo/KratosInstall/libs
${KRATOS_ROOT}/runkratos $*

Do not forget to give the script execution rights:

>chmod +x
  1. Make an alias for the script
>echo "alias" >> $HOME/.bashrc
  1. Open the terminal and execute the problem script using kratos: